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What type of tents do you rent?
A Perfect Party Tent only rents Anchor Brand All Purpose Canopy's. These Canopy tents are designed for backyard use in light rain or a slight wind. They are ideal for hot sunny days. We only rent white tents and regularly clean and replace the tents to ensure you are getting a quality product.

How big an area do I need for the tent?
We need an additional 6 feet around the tent for proper set-up. For a 20X20 canopy tent we need a minimum area of 26X26. The canopy tents must be staked at all corners and midpoint of the tent. The set-up area will need to accept a stake of 18 inches. The 20X30 tent requires an area of 26X36. Allow a minimum of 6 feet around the perimeter of the tent for setup. The canopy tent has a height of 12'6" in the center of the tent and 7' along the sides.

Does my yard need to be level?
The most important factor in the tent install is that the area is flat. A slight incline is not a problem but a hilly or bumpy area can pose a problem.

What day will my tent be set-up?
We will call to schedule the tent set-up a couple days before the party. Most of our tents will be set-up the Thursday or Friday before the party. We will work around your schedule and the rain. We prefer not to set-up during inclement weather. We will do take-downs on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Will you do same day set-up and take-down?
Occasionally we will get a request for same day set-up or take-down for surprise parties or parties in a public area. We will do them if we have sufficient lead time. We do charge $50 extra for these types of rentals.

Can you install a tent on my deck or patio?
We do not install tents on decks and patios. We only rent Canopy tents which must be staked into the ground.

Can we use a grill under the tent?
We do not allow the use of grills under the tent. Aside from the smoking nuisance the grill can damage the tent.

What if I cancel the tent reservation?
We ask for a 50% deposit when you book your rental. If you need to cancel your event less than a week prior to your event date we will allow the deposit to be credited to a future rental.

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